Why You Should be Creating Online Courses

Knowledge is the fundamental advantage. People want what you know.

Everywhere people want to make their businesses more effective and profitable. The only practical way to do that is by applying more and better knowledge. From better customer skills among front line employees to learning new marketing techniques to creating better operations, every part of a business can be improved with targeted and timely instruction.

One of the best ways to deliver that instruction is online. Available everywhere, all of the time, for much less cost that is possible with in person training.

Companies such as Coursera, Edx, and Udacity are grabbing headlines by offering university level courses online. They will completely alter how we receive and think about higher education.

The same will happen for business training. Businesses spend many billions a year training their employees, and waste many billions more by not training because it’s too expensive and inconvenient.

Who Should Be Teaching

You don't have to be a professional teacher or have specific credentials to create a course on CompanyBright. What you do need is deep knowledge of your subject and enthusiasm for teaching others about it. You might be a speaker, author, coach, professional, or just someone who has acquired knowledge that would be useful to others.

What You Need to Know:

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