Live Better By Sharing Your Expertise Online

If you are a Trainer, Coach, Expert, or simply someone who has knowledge that people want to apply in a business setting, you should be earning money and gaining exposure by teaching a course on CompanyBright.


The Change That You Can Take Advantage Of

Business education is a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge immense change. Just as millions of people are taking classes and getting degrees from online schools, businesses will shift their training online due to the advantages of ease and cost.

As with any large change, the revenue that supports the industry will be redistributed to those who learn how to take advantage of the new ways of doing things. Gone will be thousands of small companies selling generic training by the classroom to make room for experts who can deliver compelling instruction to workers when and where they need it.

Put your knowledge to work online and establish yourself as a leader in the new digital learning economy.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Why You Should be Creating Online Courses
  2. How CompanyBright helps you prosper
  3. Let us know what course you would like to teach.
  4. Getting Started Guide