C-Stores Face New OSHA Deadline

December 1, 2013 is a deadline that many convenience store operators are unaware of.

That is that day by which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has decreed all employees coming into contact with hazardous chemicals in the workplace should be trained on the new Hazcom standards.

Should Your C-Store Managers be Training Your Associates?

“Ask me for anything but time”- Napoleon

Time is always a limiting factor. No one of us has more than 24 hours in a day. We must jealously guard that time to ensure everything necessary gets done.

The same goes for the hours your employees can devote to the business. Not only are their hours limited, but you’re paying for them as well. A better business is going to make better use of employee time. Every hour should be spent on something productive.

Four Essential Steps to Better Convenience Store Training

When you need to create a new or revise an training program for your convenience stores, your first temptation may be to jump in and start doing things. Better to stop for a second and realize first that your program will go through four distinct phases. Once you know what those four phases are you'll have a framework for implementing your training and it will be more likely to go smoothly. The four phases are: Evaluate, Create, Deliver, Track.

Phase 1: Evaluate

Convenience Store Compliance Risks

All businesses are subject to laws and regulations that they must comply with. Some regulations apply to all or many types of businesses, others are directed towards specific industries.

Being highly visible, attracting a large swath of the community and selling products that are considered health risks such as tobacco, alcohol and gasoline; convenience stores are subject to an increasing number of rules and regulations.

The Four C's of Convenience Store Training

To get the most from your c-store training program it should be:

Compelling- No one is going to learn anything if they’re bored to death. Your employees don’t read. Get rid of the static text-filled slides. Use narration and video. It’s not expensive anymore.

Automating Your Convenience Store Training

It always starts with the best intentions.

Recognizing the need of training your associates, you create a training manual. You assign trainers, develop procedures for delivering and tracking the training, and start educating your people.

How Often Should You Be Training Your C-Store Employees?

There’s a new trend emerging in sales training. It’s about learning retention.

That shouldn’t be a surprise really. Most of us who have had any type of sales or motivational training have experienced the feeling of being pumped up right after an event, only to have it drain away in the days and weeks that follow.

The truth is that all of us have to be continually reminded to do even simple things.

Train Your Team

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