Entrepreneur Bootcamp- Darden School of Business- University of Virginia


The E*Bootcamp consists of a full day of workshops and a reception/networking session. This program focuses on issues of tactical concern to entrepreneurs, for example: incorporating, building a team, sharing equity with founding partners, confidentiality agreements, business plans, start-up accounting, creative bootstrapping, and other funding concerns. Sessions are led by leading entrepreneurship professors and practitioners.The goal of Darden's E*Bootcamp is to provide entrepreneurs with the basic tools to execute the first steps of creating a start-up venture. Unlike other programs, the E*Bootcamp is about basic blocking & tackling to get a start-up going. 

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Course outline

Taking the Plunge- Why Start a Business?VideoPreview1 hour 20 min
A Day in the Life of An Entrepreneur- Exploring the Trade-offsVideo50 min 25 sec
Legal Matters- Starting and Growing Your BusinessVideo54 min 29 sec
Intellectual Property- Patents, Trademarks and CopyrightVideo49 min 21 sec
Accounting- Taxes, Compensation and ExpensesVideo51 min 11 sec
Writing a Business PlanVideo28 min 57 sec
Convincing Others to Invest in Your BusinessVideo41 min 34 sec