What to Look for in Training for C-Store Chains

One of the advantages of operating multiple stores is the ability to spread your operating knowledge across many locations. To do that, you must train your employees.

In the recent past, training employees across dispersed locations was difficult. You had to either have local managers deliver inconsistent training, or bear the expense and scheduling difficulties of traveling trainers.

In the last few years a new option has emerged. Streaming videos and other Internet based educational technologies has everyone from community colleges to Harvard launching online learning initiatives.

Those technologies are beginning to be available for businesses too. With multiple locations often spread over a large area, high turnover, and government-mandated training, convenience store chains are well positioned to take advantage of online training.

Convenience store chains do have some unique characteristics that you should consider when implementing your training program.

Your first thought should be to have your training in a format that engages your employees. Younger and less educated employees especially will not be inclined to read large amounts of text and will view clicking next through PowerPoint type slides as hopelessly outdated. There may be text based information you have to relay, but a voice narration make the text much more digestible. Even a presentation that is essentially a PowerPoint deck is much more engaging when delivered as a video with a voice over.

In addition to the training itself, you must also consider how to deliver and track it. Just as many enterprise businesses are making their IT infrastructure more cost effective and easier to administer by moving to the cloud, cloud based training has many advantages.

A cloud based training system means you don’t have to install and maintain server based software, updates automatically and frees you from storage and backup and recovery issues.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a cloud based training platform from a management perspective is automated tracking. At one glance managers can see who has taken what and what needs to be done. This is especially important with required training such as sales to minors courses. With an online system there is no chance of someone forgetting to write something down or loosing a signup sheet as can often happen with paper based systems.

The reduction of risk exposure from agencies and lawsuits by itself makes online training an attractive option for convenience store chains.

Another thing convenience store chains need to look for in their learning management system is a friendly approach to multiple locations. Stores in different states and localities often have different training requirements. If you are not able to assign courses by role or location, or have a district level management interface, you could find yourself with a system that is difficult to manage.

From degrees and certificates to casual learning, people are rapidly adopting online learning. There has never been a better time to update the training for your convenience stores by making it available online.

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