What It Takes to Beat Wawa

Wawa just opened a new store down the street from one of your stores. Great location, lots of pumps, big store; everything is new and bright.

Your store on the other hand is smaller, showing its age a bit, and your employees are doing the same old things they always did in the same old way.

Is your store doomed?

It is if you don’t compete.

How are you doing to do that? Obviously you’re going to have to make some changes. The question is which ones.

Some things are hard to change. Your location is fixed, and it would cost a fortune to enlarge or rebuild the store.

You can clean up, install better signage and graphics, and freshen the product selection.

But perhaps the change that would give you the biggest return is to invest in better employees. You need employees who know how to care for the store and customers, who can increase sales through suggestive selling, who are motivated.

Where are you going to find these employees?

Mostly in the same place you’re finding your current employees. In many cases they will be your current employees.

What is going to create this change?

Training. You are going to thoroughly instill in your employees the values and processes of how you run your business. You’re going to teach them the things that make great customer service a repeatable process and not a hit or miss encounter. You’re going to show your employees that you care about them and your customers enough to take the time to instruct them in the proper ways to do their jobs.

The good news is that new technology has made training your employees easier and less expensive than ever before. With new video creation tools and Internet delivery of videos, you can quickly and cheaply create, deliver, and track quality training.

You can save management time by automating requirements such as safety, underage, and UST training. That’s time that could be allocated to innovation, customer service, and other activities that will increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

You will also be able to get to things that never happened in the past such as sales and customer service training.

Not only will you have more time and better trained employees, you can also reduce costs associated with turnover. One of the biggest sources of job dissatisfaction and turnover is a lack of training. Taking the time to show them how to do their job correctly reduces their frustrations and demonstrates your commitment to your employees and operations.

Training has long been something we know we should do, but have never quite found the time to get it done right. Busy managers and high turnover have made it a secondary consideration that hurriedly gets run through after everything else is done.

The time when that was OK is gone. To compete with the likes of Wawa and Sheetz you’re going to have to be smarter and make better use of your assets. Most businesses say that their people are their greatest asset, now it’s time to prove it by giving your people the training they need to do the job that increased competition requires.

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