Should Your C-Store Managers be Training Your Associates?

“Ask me for anything but time”- Napoleon

Time is always a limiting factor. No one of us has more than 24 hours in a day. We must jealously guard that time to ensure everything necessary gets done.

The same goes for the hours your employees can devote to the business. Not only are their hours limited, but you’re paying for them as well. A better business is going to make better use of employee time. Every hour should be spent on something productive.

Is training time productive? Should your managers spend their time training associates?


Let me explain.

Your managers’ time is too valuable.

Between the cost of your manger, the cost of your associate, and the cost of what your manager isn’t doing when they’re delivering training, you’re spending at least $40 an hour for a manger to train an associate on the job.

That’s the equivalent of paying someone $80,000/year.

But the direct cost isn’t the only problem.

Training is too important a function to be left to front line mangers. With customers to serve, vendors to oversee, employees to manage, and facilities to be maintained, even the most conscientious managers are going to have a hard time pulling away from pressing demands to set aside time for proper training.

A production environment is a poor place to deliver training. Even when the time is allotted it is likely to be interrupted by events.

No one knows training like the military. They have been recruiting and training hoards of people for centuries. Do they bring on a new recruit and send them to a unit for training?

No. Even the lowest ranking, least skilled person in the military goes through weeks of basic training and weeks more of specialized training for the job they’re going to do.

So why to you think you can hang a nametag on your new associate and put them on the line with the manger watching until they can get the hang of it?

You can’t. But neither can you spend the type of money the military does on training your new hires.

What is a c-store operator to do?

Take advantage of automation.

Just as you no longer put price stickers on your stock or keep inventory with a ledger, you don’t need to have mangers delivering training lectures to your associates.

Deliver the lecture once. Record it, and make it available to your associates whenever they need it, without the burdening a manger with routine training tasks.

If you deliver your training online, the system will also track the training, relieving the managers of that burden as well.

Your training will be higher quality and more manageable, free from the errors and inconsistencies that human delivery and tracking will produce.

Do your managers have the time to train your employees? No they do not. But your computers do.

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