How Often Should You Be Training Your C-Store Employees?

There’s a new trend emerging in sales training. It’s about learning retention.

That shouldn’t be a surprise really. Most of us who have had any type of sales or motivational training have experienced the feeling of being pumped up right after an event, only to have it drain away in the days and weeks that follow.

The truth is that all of us have to be continually reminded to do even simple things.

Think about your golf swing. You work hard to become proficient by focusing on the basics. Once you get to a level of comfort, you start looking for bells and whistles, little things for that extra bit of control or distance. Then suddenly you realize that you’re worse off than when you were concentrating on the fundamentals.

That’s because your obsession over decoration led you to forget the foundation. It happens to all of us, even Tiger Woods.

It happens to your employees too. Even the best ones need ongoing coaching, just like pro golfers. And the others? They need it even more.

What delivers retention? Repetition. Most anyone can master even the most complex tasks through repetition. Ask any flight instructor and they’ll tell you can it’s a rare person who can’t be taught to fly a plane if they practice enough.

So yes, your associates know that they need to keep the shelves straightened. Any one of them will tell you so. And yet, why isn’t it done?

It’s because the behavior isn’t being reinforced. Time pressed managers are distracted and traditional training methods aren’t repeatable enough to make up the difference.

That has now changed. Online training systems paired with inexpensive production techniques make it easy and efficient to regularly deliver reinforced training to your employees that will improve your sales and operations.

The new methods are the same as easily and inexpensively multiplying your trainers. And we all know that being able to multiply yourself, your systems and your profits are the very soul of business.

So, how often should you be training the associates at your convenience stores? A minute or two each day wouldn’t be too much. But a more practical solution would be a couple of minutes every week or two. That would probably be a huge improvement over what you’re doing now. Do it right and I’ll guarantee that it will pay for itself.

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