Is Gasoline a Threat to Your Business?

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) it is.

As a flammable liquid, gasoline is classified as a Class 3 Hazard, with restrictions and requirements for shipping, storing and labeling. What’s more, the presence of gasoline at your business makes your location a Class 1 Location Hazard due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors.

To reduce theses hazards, gas stations are subject to various regulations on the handling and storage of gasoline. One of those requirements is the training that your employees must receive regarding the gasoline.

You are probably familiar with the training required for operators of underground storage tanks (UST). That training is mandated by the EPA acting through state agencies. The purpose of UST training is to protect the environment by making sure that operators know how to prevent or reduce the effect of spills by using proper procedures.

Another set of regulations put out by OSHA is intended to protect employees by making sure they understand the risks of gasoline and how to properly handle exposure. These regulations are known as Hazcom, and they recently underwent an update.

The update is intended to bring US Hazcom procedures in line with those adopted by the UN. It’s known as GHS Hazcom, short for Globally Harmonized System.

The new system changes the labeling and format of the data you must keep regarding the hazardous chemicals at your location. It further requires that you train your employees on how to read and understand the labels and new safety data sheets.

You must complete this training by December 1st, 2013.

The rule doesn’t specify how you deliver the training. You could create and deliver your own course, or you could purchase a commercially available course and deliver that.

An easier option for most convenience stores and c-store chains is to sign your employees up for online training.

As a provider of online training for convenience stores, CompanyBright has created a GHS Hazcom Course for convenience stores specifically for convenience stores. It consists of four narrated videos that provide a total of 30 minutes of training. It’s delivered online, so that it’s available where ever and when ever your employees are able to take it. After watching the videos, there’s a short quiz to emphasize the main points and ensure retention. On passing the quiz they can print out a certificate. Their information is also retained in the system for compliance purposes.

Don’t put your business at risk by improper compliance. Getting and tracking the required training for your employees is quick and easy.