Five Questions Answered About Online Training for C-Stores

by Keith West

What benefits can I expect from online training?

Compared to the instructor led variety, online training is less expensive, more consistent and easier to track.

A training program consists of four phases: evaluation, creation, delivery, and tracking.

Think of online training as automating the delivery and tracking phases and making the creation phase easier.

If you have a trainer it will free up their time by eliminating rote processes and allowing them to concentrate more on making your training better and solving operating problems through better training.

With training made easier to create and deliver, you will find yourself more willing to apply it to building better customer service and operations.

This will have a side effect of creating better employees who stay with you longer.

What technology will I need?

If you adopt a cloud-based system that delivers training over the Internet, all your employees will need is a web browser on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

They will log on to the system, take the courses assigned to them, and receive a certificate; all over a standard Internet connection.

Since the delivery and the tracking of the training lives on the Internet, you will have nothing to install or update. Even the back office part of the system you will use to create reports operates through any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Is it hard to use?

Most of your training will be delivered by online video. Think of it as a PowerPoint presentation or live action video with the narration built in. All the user has to do is hit start, pay attention, and take the quiz at the end if there is one. Complete the quiz successfully, and the system generates a certificate that can be printed or saved.

All of these operations are familiar to anyone who has watch a YouTube video or filled out a form online.

Is it expensive?


Quality training pays for itself.

Decades of statistics show that well trained employees sell more and make fewer errors.

That is even more true now since the cost of delivering and tracking online training is so much less than any other way of doing it. If you are fortunate enough to have dedicated trainers, they will be much more efficient and able to concentrate more of their time on higher ROI activities.

How will I develop the training?

The CompanyBright system is very flexible. If you already have training you would like to use, simply upload it to make it available to your employees at no additional.

If on the other hand you have materials such as operations and training manuals that you would like put into an online training format (such as a narrated video) we can do that for you for a nominal charge.

If you don’t currently have anything to work from, we also have templates for the standard courses that you are likely to need that we can adapt for your use.

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