C-Stores Face New OSHA Deadline

December 1, 2013 is a deadline that many convenience store operators are unaware of.

That is that day by which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has decreed all employees coming into contact with hazardous chemicals in the workplace should be trained on the new Hazcom standards.

The standard applies to an estimated 43 million workers across the country, including all employees at gas stations or convenience stores that sell fuel, since gasoline is classified as a hazardous chemical.

What is Hazcom? The hazard communication standard (HCS) is a longstanding requirement based on the principle that workers should be aware of the chemicals they may come across in the workplace and what the hazards associated with those chemicals are. It specifies the classification, labeling, information and training that employers must make available to their employees.

What is new is that OSHA has decided to align Hazcom with the standards adopted by the UN. This has caused changes in the classification, labeling, and safety data sheets associated with hazardous chemicals. Although manufacturers and distributors are not required to be fully compliant with the new standards until 2015, we are already in the transition phase and the new labels and safety data sheets are starting to appear.

That’s why one of the first deadlines associated with the new system is the training that employees coming into contact with hazardous materials must receive. They need to understand how to read the new labels and pictograms that are on them, as well as how to access information in the safety data sheets (SDS) which have replaced the material safety data sheets (MSDS).

There are many ways c-store operators can comply with the Hazcom training requirement. They can develop their own training using materials on the OSHA website, purchase ready made commercial materials for in house instructors to deliver the training live, or use online training systems to deliver and automatically track training for their employees.

CompanyBright provides online training for convenience store chains. To help our clients meet the Hazcom requirement, we have developed a Hazcom course specifically for convenience stores. The course is narrated in video format making it easy for employees to understand. It is delivered entirely online in four short segments that total 30 minutes of instruction. Once an employee completes the video, they take a quiz and, on passing, print out a certificate for documentation. Tracking is automatic, making it easy to see who has or has not completed the course.

For more information and to register, go to http://www.companybright.com/convenience-store-hazcom-training/