C-Store Vendors: Are You Giving Your Customers What They Want?

If you sell to convenience stores you know that you are participating in a price sensitive and demanding market. C-stores must be efficient in order to turn a profit, and that efficiency has to extend through business relationships with vendors.

Convenience stores operate in a fast paced, high-pressure environment. Many are open 24/7, always having to meet customer demands with little space and few employees. Convenience stores contend with many legal requirements too, such as preventing sales to minors and properly handling fuel.

All of this they must do with a workforce subject to high turnover.

To make things easier, c-store chains look for products and services that solve multiple problems. No only must the price and quality be right, you must also meet requirements such as fitting in with existing supply chains and providing plug and play installation.

Convenience store chains have another problem that you can help solve. Due to the already mentioned high turnover and limited resources, all small convenience store chains and even many of the larger ones struggle to get and keep their employees trained. Most simply cover the basics such as training to prevent underage sales.

What c-stores really want though are ways to quickly make new employees productive by efficiently covering in detail what they need to perform their jobs, without pulling someone off the floor to teach them. Once the manual processes are covered, stores want their employees to get better at the customer service and selling techniques that separate a high performing store from the pack.

You can help solve this problem by providing training on your products.

What would this training look like from your perspective and what are the benefits to you?

If you sell products that will be used in the store, such as roller grills or POS systems, you want to teach people how to clean the grill or conduct transactions on the POS.

If you supply products that will be sold to customers, you want to educate the clerks on how to properly handle, display, answer questions about and sell your product.

In either case, providing training on your products makes you a more integral part of their business and improves top of mind awareness of your offerings. You will position yourself as an actual solutions provider who understands their needs and not simply a one dimensional supplier.

Training can deliver bigger returns as well. You know your product better than anyone. Translate that knowledge into selling techniques that clerks can apply to increase sales.  As you know, small improvements multiplied across many locations can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

How can you deliver this training?

Given the large number of locations and employee turnover, the only practical way you can do it is with automation. In other words, video delivered over the Internet.

It’s not difficult and doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on your product, a training video can be as simple as a few photographs in a PowerPoint recorded with a voice over. If you have a more complicated message, live action video can be a great option. Whatever the method, the goal remains the same- to deliver good information in a compelling way that will increase the usefulness and sales of your products.

At CompanyBright we specialize in providing training to convenience store chains. Our system hosts the training videos and allows managers to assign and track the training.

Our clients are asking for more specific training. We believe that the best way to accommodate that demand is to work with suppliers to get their product training in front of the people who want to use it.

Whether you have existing materials that you can put online, or need to start from scratch, we can help you solve this important piece of your sales and marketing strategy.

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