Due December 1, 2013


OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard is a decades old program built on the idea that employees have a right to know about the chemicals they come into contact with in the workplace. The standard covers the classification and labeling of chemicals and specifies worker training.

What has changed with HAZCOM?

OSHA has updated the U.S. standard to bring it inline with the system used in the rest of the world. The changes include labeling, a new format for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), new classification standards and training required to cover the new topics

Who has to take the training?

Every worker that comes into contact with hazardous chemicals must be trained. This includes workers at convenience stores and gas stations since they come into contact with gasoline.

Why is online training the best option?

Saves Money

Live training is expensive. You have to buy or develop a course, schedule classes, pay the instructors as well as the students, and maintain a tracking system. Online training eliminates or reduces all of these costs.

Easy to Deliver

A major cost in delivering in person training is the cost of an instructor. No instructor is necessary with online training.


The message and quality of training delivered in person is dependent on the instructors ability and time. Online training ensures that everyone gets the same message.

Saves Time

Since online training is tightly designed and scripted, it typically delivers the same amount of information in about half the time that an instructor would. Since you're paying for the time your employees spend learning, this is a significant saving in both time and money.

Reliable Tracking

With compliance training, being able to prove you did the training is just as important as doing it. Any tracking system that relies on manual inputs is bound to produce errors. Online tracking is automatic and error free.

No Scheduling Hassles

Getting a group together for training is a pain. Everyone has to be at the same place at the same time. Someone is always out, meaning that the training is going to have to be repeated. And what about the new guy that starts next week, how are you going to catch him up? Online training is availble from anywhere, on your schedule. It's a great way to fill down time.

HAZCOM Course Details

  • Delivered entirely online
  • Four modules of narrated video
  • Module 1: Introduction and HAZCOM Overview
  • Module 2: Labeling and Pictograms
  • Module 3: Safety Data Sheets
  • Module 4: Exposure and Review
  • 30 total minutes of instruction
  • Quiz: 80% required to pass
  • Printable PDF certificate on completion
  • Reporting on all learner results
  • Free Preview
  • Volume pricing

HAZCOM Course Preview

User Experience and How to Purchase

How do my employees get into the system?

We offer two options. We can provide a page with your company logo where your employees can go and create a user name and password, or if you provide a CSV file we can import the names and send an email to you or directly to your employees with login instructions.

Where will my employees log in to take the HAZCOM course?

You will be provided with a custom URL such as companybright.com/your-company-name

Once my employees login, what will they see?

On the "My Courses" page there will be a course "GHS HAZCOM Course." They will click on that course and take the first module, "Introduction and Overview." Once they view that module they can proceed to the next one. Once all four modules have been viewed they can take the quiz. Once the quiz has been passed with 80% or better, they can download a printed a certificate giving them credit for the training.

How long does the course take?

There are 30 minutes of video instruction. The entire course including taking the quiz and printing out the certificate should be completed in less than an hour.

How long do my employees have to complete the training?

OSHA regulations require the training by December 1st, 2013. If however you miss the deadline or wish to use the system to train new employees, we will leave the system available to you and your employees for as long as you wish.

What are payment options?

You can pay online with any credit card using a PayPal account. If you need to pay by check or another method, complete the HAZCOM Course Request Form and we will contact you to arrange payment.

What if I have other questions?

Complete the HAZCOM Course Request Form and we will contact you ASAP.

HAZCOM Course Pricing