Should You Quit?

I followed a link to a really sad post on a political blog last night.

I'm not going to call the poor woman out publicly, but the post was a very long lament about why bloggers of a particular political persuasion get such little support (meaning donations). She can't afford $50 to buy a device to record calls to post to her blog and is even worried about not being able to pay for her internet connection.

I actually woke up in the night thinking about this lady's plight. She's obviously intelligent enough to think and write about issues and make some headway in the political blogosphere. But, in the matter of conducting an activity that supports itself or turns a profit, she is woefully unprepared.

So, I'll share some of my experience with the woman, business advice she would do right to ignore.

Ignored or not, the woman's blog was set up in such a way that it will never make money as it is now. The pink pages, jumble of ads, Amazon links, unfocused posts, and small amount of traffic are simply not a formula for success.

Should the lady quit? Should you, or I, quit?


If she's not able or willing to seriously examine what she's doing, yes, she should quit.

But that is advice I am loathe to dispense to anyone. I want people to succeed. The two things I like to read most are cautionary tales of woe and inspirational tales of success. There's nothing more uplifting that a saga of someone down and out who perseveres and finds success.

Thing is, the real work of finding that success is often glossed over. Hardly anyone starts with a home run. Even those who seemingly come out of nowhere often have a string of misses behind them.

Those who succeed have engaged in a quest to find what works, not a joust at windmills.

Study. Learn. Adapt. If you aren't willing to do these things then yes, you should quit. But you don't have to. The secrets to business success, aren't secrets.

Image Credit: Road Less Traveled Photography on Flickr