New Microsoft Excel Tutorial Teaches Business Users How to be More Productive

Online course from CompanyBright helps beginning users get up to speed with Excel spreadsheets quickly.The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program is one of the most critical software applications for businesses of every size. Its simple grid of columns and rows hide a powerful engine for capturing and manipulating data that millions of users to make business decisions.Despite its power and usefulness, or perhaps because of it, Excel can be a daunting program for a new user to learn. Many of its features are hidden in menus and keyboard shortcuts that are not intuitive to new users.Though there are many instructor led classes available to people who want to learn Excel, the cost, need for travel and pacing doesn’t meet the needs of many students.For those students who prefer to learn at their own pace wherever they are, online training has opened up a world of possibilities.A new option for learning Microsoft Excel is the Essential Excel 2007 course by CompanyBright. Taught by experienced instructor Sheila Weisensale, the Excel tutorials cover topics such as how to use Excel functions and Excel shortcuts. The tutorials are presented in streaming video viewable on most computers. They’re broken into short segments so that you can take the entire course, or just go to the subjects you need help on.Essential Excel 2007 is presented at a beginning level to quickly bring new users up to speed on how to handle fundamental Excel operations. Even more advanced users can benefit by filling knowledge gaps and learning the reasons behind those “Why’s it doing that?” questions.Essential Excel 2007 is the first in a series of Excel classes that CompanyBright will launch to help take students from new user to Excel master.Sheila Weisensale is an expert instructor with over 20 years as a technical trainer. She has trained thousand of students from businesses both large and small to become more productive using Microsoft Office products. She’s currently an adjunct instructor at the Community College Workforce Alliance in Richmond, Virginia.