Are You a Blogger?

I recently interviewed marketing consultant John Jantsch. He protested my introduction which labeled him as a blogger. "I'm not a blogger, I'm a marketing consultant," he said.It got me wondering, is being a blogger that bad?I think we all know the answer. Yes! It is!And I find it wonderfully liberating to say so.Why? Because blogging sucks. It's time consuming. It's painful. It doesn't stop.Never have I thought that it would be great to be a blogger. Never have I wanted to flog affiliate links, worry about Adsense clicks or, God help me, sell ads for my blog.And yet. Here I write.What John's comment helped me realize is that I don't write to be a blogger. I write to share my knowledge and experience. I write in the hope that others will get something out of it. I write because it is good for business.And that is why you should blog too. Not to become a blogger, but to use it as a tool to help grow your business.If you want to, think of your blog as a form of the newsletter that successful businesses used to put out. None of them worried about being a newsletterer, did they?